The FUNKLES has erupted as a ‘ breath of fresh air ‘ in the world of tribute bands. It Is An original musical formation whose love for the Beatles and the rhythms funk, soul and jazz, has led them to create a unique sonorous universe that surprises and fascinates everyone who listens to them. Made up of five girls and a boy, they come from Santiago de Compostela (Spain), to recreate the repertoire of the legendary Liverpool Ensemble in a new way, through novel interpretations based on new funk and soul arrangements showing the traditional songs in a different way, fresh and enriched with the personal seal of the six great musicians that compose the group. The direct Ones are the strong point of the band, where they show their full potential, offering in every concert energy, emotion, technique, and a lot of feeling.

The Funkles trajectory has been meteoric. Since its premiere they have offered multiple concerts, they have recorded their first album and their participation has been constant in the media press, Radio and TV. Within a few months of their birth, they participated in the world’s most important tribute band festival, the International Beatleweek Festival in Liverpool, crowned as one of the revelation groups among more than 70 bands from around the world. The Funky offered several concerts, two of them in the mythical The Cavern Club, where the Beatles started the legend.

This experience was collected in a fantastic documentary filmed for the Television of Galicia. Following his successful debut in Liverpool, The Funkles were claimed at several festivals, both in Spain and abroad, embarking on a European tour that has led them to act in countries such as Russia, England, Portugal or Finland. In This 2017 they have returned, for the second consecutive year, to the International Beatleweek Festival, consolidadando its differential and unique proposal, being one of the most acclaimed bands of this edition.

The Funkles offer a unique proposal full of energy, originality, positivity and great musical quality.

What are you waiting to find out?

The Beatles Like you’ve never heard them before!